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1.In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise system, a new agent and phone have been added to the system; however, the agent is unable to log in to the system. The agent is using the same type of phone and and has the same CTI OS desktop setup as other agents who are able to log in without issue. What are two possible causes for this issue?(Choose two)
A.The incorrect CTIOS Server IP and Port are configured on the new agent’s CTI desktop.
B.The new phone used by the agent is not associated with IVRJtapiUser.
C.A new Device Target needs to be added for the phone in the Config (for example, /devtype ipp12345).
D.The phone has call forwarding and call waiting enabled.
E.The new phone used by the agent is not associated with PGJtapiUser.
Answer:C E
2.Refer to the exhibit.In the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise solution,there are a number different log files that are generated by different components and processes in the solution.Identify  the specific process that generated the log file.
A.CTI OS (Server)
B.CTI OS (Client)
C.JTAPI Gateway (jgw)
D.UC Manager PIM (Enterprise Agent PIM)
E.ICM Call Router (rtr)
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